As a Vendor, where can I see all my customers that are using Vendor Management?

As a Vendor, where can I see all my customers that are using Vendor Management?

To view all of your Customers currently using Vendor Management, locate the Vendor Management menu option.

From your Vendor Management menu, select Dashboard.

This will bring you to the Vendor Review page where you can see any upcoming audits or see your Vendor contracts.
V3 will prioritize Contract and Audit Reviews based on those with upcoming due dates by placing them at the top of the My Customers page. 

These due dates are as followed:
Contract Review - 14 days before the due date.
Audit Review - 60 days before the due date.
Note: If any of these dates pass without updating a Contract or Audit Review, the Vendor will remain at the top of the list for 6 months after the due date. If no action is taken in six months, the Vendor will be dropped down to the Customer Contracts section.

Look for the Customer Contracts section to see all of your current contracts. This will be a centralized location to view when contracts or audits are due, the company name, and the basic contact information for the company.

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