How to Add a Vendor

How to Add a Vendor

To add a New Vendorlocate the Vendor Management menu option.

Next, select Vendors.

Once on your Vendor Listing page, select the Add Vendor button.

Once selected, you'll be brought to the Add Vendor form. This is where information about the Vendor, and how information is transferred between the two parties will be specified. 

The first section includes the Contact Information of the Vendor:

  1. Vendor Name - The primary name associated with the Vendor.

  2. Vendor Contact Email - The email used to receive Vendor Notifications.

  3. Vendor Service Type - The primary service associated with the Vendor.

  4. Departmental Owner Email - The email of the departmental owner responsible for responding to audits.

The Audit and Contract Details section includes information about the Audit frequency and Contract details associated with the Vendor:

  1. Criticality Level - The Vendor criticality level.

  2. Audit Cycle - The interval in which audits are performed.

  3. Contract Date - The date in which the contract was signed with the Vendor.

  4. Contract Term - The length of the contract term.

The Audit and Assessment section includes the type of data shared with the Vendor and the last Audit Review Date.

  1. Audit Review Date - The date of the last Audit Review.

  2. Is this data customer and/or employee data? - Select the type of data shared with the Vendor. Customer Data, Employee Data, or both.

  3. Do you transfer data securely: Y/N? - Examples of secure data transfer would be encrypted E-mails, websites, and applications.

    The next section will be where you specify what information is transferred. This will include:

  4. Contact - Name, Address, Zip Code, Phone Number, Email Address (personal), Business data (company, title, contact info), and Social Network information.

  5. General  - Date of Birth, Marital Status, Family and/or dependent data, Preference data (favorite brands, restaurants, music, etc), Photographs, and Recordings. 

  6. Financial - Financial Records, Bank Account numbers, Bank Routing numbers, Credit Card numbers, Debit Card numbers, Expiration Dates and/or CCV numbers, Pins (passwords, access codes), and Security Questions.

  7. ID Numbers - Social Security or National number, Driver's License number, Tribal or State ID number, Passport or Visa number, Union/Trade ID number (in US), Insurance member number(s), and Membership ID numbers (reward programs, club memberships).

  8. Web/Geolocation - IP address, Browser type or page views, Mobile device ID or type, Geo-location, Usernames, Pins (passwords, access codes), and Security Questions.

  9. Human Resources - Employment Information (history, resume, application, and/or references), Education History or Records, Background checks/results, Emergency Contact Information, Benefit Assignments (insurance, retirement, etc), Payroll (salary/wage history), Payroll Cards, and Managerial Information (reviews, etc).

  10. Health / Insurance - Medical (health, mental, or similar data), Insurance Information, and/or Research.

  11. Biometric / Genetic - Physical Description, Bio-metric Information (retina scan, fingerprint, facial markers, etc.), Genetic Information, and Origin (race, ethnicity).

  12. Special Categories - Criminal Offenses (allegations, proceedings, or other related information), sexual life (orientation), Religious/Philosophical beliefs, Political Opinions, and Trade Union Membership (in EU).

  13. Other - Close Caption TV, Call Monitoring/Recording, Electronic Communications Monitoring, etc.


The final section pertains to assigning an assessment to the Vendor. This article provides more information about assigning assessments to Vendors.

Once you are satisfied with the information on the form, simply select Save to add the Vendor to your listings.

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