What are the different ways I can assign assessments to a Vendor?

What are the different ways I can assign assessments to a Vendor?

Single Assignment vs Bulk Assignment

When choosing to assign assessments to a Vendor, you have the choice of individually assigning or bulk assigning assessments. The best way to explain it would be to ask, "Do you want to assign an assessment to a Vendor, or do you want to assign Vendors to an assessment?"

This can sound a bit confusing but this article will hopefully break it down for you.

The first method,
Assigning an assessment to a Vendor is the best method for choosing one or more assessments for a single Vendor. This will be your Vendor focused option. Since we're focusing on just one Vendor, this method can be achieved from the Vendor Listing page.

At the top left of the page, select Vendor Management.

Select My Vendors.

Once at the Vendor Listing page, locate the Vendor you want to assign one or more assessments to and select Assign Assessment

This will allow you to assign any active assessments to a Vendor, even if the Vendor is already associated with an assessment. 

Note: In the case that the Vendor is accidentally assigned the wrong assessment, they will be able to "recall" the previously assigned assessment and send them a new assessment. From this location, an email will be sent to the Vendor notifying them of the assignment immediately. 

The second method, 
Assigning a Vendors to an assessment, or the best way to bulk assign an assessment to multiple Vendors that do not have an active assessment.. This will be your Assessment focused option. This time we'll be focusing on an assessment, so this option can be achieved from the Assessments page. 

In your menu, select Saved Assessments.

This will bring you to the Assessment Overview page. Here you can see all of the current assessments you've created that are ready for assignment. The example below shows the Foundation Assessment which is ready to be deployed to all Vendors.

Select Assign to bring up a list of Vendors ready for assignment. 

Choose which Vendors you want to assign the assessment to, and select Assign and Send.

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