How do I log out?

How do I log out?

Logging out of uRISQ.

From the menu, locate the Account option.

Next, select Sign Out from the menu.

Alternatively, select the Profile button located at the top-right of the screen. Select Sign Out from the drop-down.

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        User Management Roles. Global Administrator - Complete access to uRISQ. Billing User - May update Profile Information. - May view and export invoices. Application Manager - Complete access to every feature in the Vendor Management module. Standard ...
      • How do I deactivate a user?

        Deactivating a User. To deactivate a user, locate the Account option in the menu on the left of your screen. This will automatically go to User Administration. This will bring you to the User Administration page where a complete list of users may be ...
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        How to export Vendor Activity. To export a Vendor Activity Log, locate Vendor Management from the menu. ​ From your Vendor Management menu, select My Vendors. Once you've located the Vendor who's log you want to export, select the Export Vendor Log ...
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