How do I remove a Vendor I no longer use?

How do I remove a Vendor I no longer use?

How to remove a Vendor.

To delete a Vendor you no longer use, first locate the Vendor Management menu option.

From your Vendor Management menu, select My Vendors.

Once you've located the Inactive Vendor, select Edit Listing from the right-most column to be brought to the Edit Vendor page. 

In the upper-right corner of the page, you will notice the Vendor Status option. If the Vendor hasn't been deleted yet, this option will appear as Active, like so:

Select the Active option to change the status is Inactive. From here, choose from these options to best describe why this Vendor will be expiring:
  1. Vendor non-compliance with contract.
  2. Vendor replaced.
  3. Vendor went out of business.
  4. Vendor was breached.
  5. Duplicate Entry.
  6. Business Decision
  7. Other
Once you're satisfied, select Confirm at the bottom to save all changes.

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