How to Create and Complete an In-House Assessment

How to Create and Complete an In-House Assessment

Completing an In-House Assessment

In-House assessments are a useful tool for when one of your vendors is a larger client. Below you'll see the process of completing one for the vendor.

First, locate the Assessment Builder page by selecting the option from the Vendor Management sub-menu.

At the top of the page, you'll see the option to Assess In-house. Select the edit option.

After entering your Title and Subtitle (optionally), select the Assess In-house checkbox at the bottom. Select Update and Save to apply these changes.

Once you've added all of the questions to the assessment and are ready to assign it, locate the Save & Assign to vendor option in the top-right corner. 

Next, select the correct Vendor or Vendors from the dropdown. Select Assign and Send to finish the assignment. Note: If your vendor has already been assigned an in-house assessment that hasn't been completed, you may not see them appear in this list.

Once this is complete, an email will be sent to the Relationship Owner of the Vendor to complete the assessment. Simply locate the Complete Assessment option in the email to complete the in-house assessment.

Important Note: If the Relationship Owner has turned off Application Notifications under their Communication Settings, they will not receive the email prompt to complete an in-house assessment. Please ensure Application Notifications are turned on when assigning in-house assessments.

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