I want to track a Vendor but I do not want to force them to take an assessment. How do I do this?

I want to track a Vendor but I do not want to force them to take an assessment. How do I do this?

How to turn Vendor Notifications for a Single Vendor.

Ensuring a Vendor won't receive Vendor Notifications can be done for new Vendors, or for previously listed Vendors. This article will show you both ways so you can have full control over who will receive notifications.

New Vendors.

To add a Vendor without having them receive email notifications, locate the Add Vendor form. If you're unsure how to find this form, or how to Add a Vendor, click here. Once on the Add Vendor form, you'll notice the option:

Toggle this option to No. This will ensure the Vendor you add will not receive Vendor Notifications once added.

Listed Vendors.

First, locate the Vendor you don't want to receive Vendor Notifications. You view your Vendors by selecting My Vendors under the Vendor Management menu.

From your Vendor Listing page, locate the Vendor and select Edit Listing.

This will bring you to the Edit Vendor page. Next, select Edit Vendor Details towards the top of the page.

This will bring up the Edit Vendor Details form. From here, locate the Send Vendor Notifications option. Toggle this option to No by selecting it. This will ensure the Vendor no longer receives email notifications.

Note: V3 highly recommends that if you choose not to have a Vendor take an assessment, that you still complete an In-House assessment to keep documentation on this Vendor. This can be located under the Verify & Validate tab, selecting the Assessments option. 

From here, select +Add Assessment, then located the Assess In-house option at the top. 

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